Peptides in sports

Peptides in sports

In short, peptides are substances built from alpha-amino acid residues that are connected by peptide bonds. There are peptides that regulate digestive processes and appetite, have an analgesic effect (opioids), and also regulate higher nervous activity. Peptides have found their place in sports practice, in which, as a rule, peptide preparations are used - hormone analogs. After all, as you know, insulin-like growth factor, and growth hormone, and even insulin are peptides. You can Peptide buy online UK on our website.

“Peptides” that can be purchased at the pharmacy are certified drugs such as Melanotan I, Sermorelin, Cerebrolysin, Gonadorelin, Deltaran (DSIP). And also in medical practice, drugs are used with the active substance of recombinant growth hormone and IGF-1 (mycosermin).

Nevertheless, the overwhelming majority of peptides are still undergoing clinical trials. Unconditional efficacy is confirmed only by some of them (CJC-1295, GHRP-2 and 6, ipamorelin, and others). What can not be said about the so-called "blockers" of myostatin.

Functional peptides GHRP-2 and GHRP-6, ipamorelin are able to prevent large accumulation of subcutaneous fat and at the same time assist in the rapid building of muscle mass, thanks to the effect on growth hormone somatropin.

Peptides leptin, glucagon, HGH frag 176-191 improve digestion and dull the desire to eat sweet and fatty foods.

In addition to the above, peptides have many other benefits that athletes have noticed. It is possible to single out that peptides act directly on those cells of organs that need "restructuring". In addition, it is important for athletes that peptides are not prohibited from taking before a competition, unlike steroids.