Loan officer resume - how to write a resume, instructions

Loan officer resume - how to write a resume, instructions

Why do you need a resume for a loan officer

The work of a loan officer is directly related to the sale of the main banking product – a loan. A candidate for this position must have a sharp mind, be able to work with people because he is the face of the bank in the eyes of the borrower. When writing a resume, you need to convince the employer that it is you who can do the job better, for this you need a loan officer resume.

Applicants with a higher economic education apply for this position, but the lack of work experience is also a common practice. Most of the requests for this position are submitted by recent graduates or students in their last years of study who know the specifics of the bank's work, banking products and can present them profitably. If while studying at the university, the candidate participated in various programs and volunteer activities in this area, then this will be an obvious advantage over other applicants without work experience.

It's good to have experience in a bank, this will give you a privilege over other candidates, or experience with people, for example, in direct sales. But do not mention your work responsibilities, show the results of your work – better in numbers.

The professional skills of a loan officer in a resume play a special role. They illustrate the key metrics of an employee. There are no mandatory requirements for filling out this block. A loan officer can give free rein to his imagination and present himself creatively, while one must not forget that the listed skills must be possessed. Indicate in your resume your strengths, such as emotional stability, good intuition, communication skills and critical thinking, B2B / B2C sales skills, knowledge of the legal framework, and much more.

A loan officer's resume should look professional and minimalistic, because, first of all, loan officers are sought-after employees by banks, credit unions, and mortgage companies. A feature of this type of resume is the absence of personal pronouns, this is not a cover letter, so write statements in your resume as first-person sentences without personal pronouns.