How to choose a sports betting provider in Azerbaijan

How to choose a sports betting provider in Azerbaijan

What should a novice bettor worry about when choosing a bookmaker for sports betting? Reviews and reputation of the office? The presence of favorable odds? Fast withdrawal? Quality of bonuses? These and many other questions are certainly very important. But the most important thing is to avoid scammers, because it will be impossible to get a withdrawal from a given betting shop. 

That is why you should begin your recommendations and tips for choosing a sports betting office with the question of whether the office itself is licensed to operate and whether it is legal in the country. Why is it important? The answer on the surface, playing on an unofficial resource is fraught: 

  1. The need every time to search for mirrors or apply a VPN, as the entrance to the Internet site of the office is often blocked by state services.
  2. The blocking of cards due to transactions with dubious resources.
  3. Refunds of bets that were won at odds of one.
  4. Cancellation of an account with money.
  5. Using your personal data, as well as card information, for the subsequent theft of the money available there. 

If the bookmaker is licensed, you can forget about such problems. 

Now let's have a look at the key (standard) parameters in choosing a bookmaker. 

Age and history

The age of the site can tell you a lot. If the office has been in the market for more than 5 years, it means a successful and reliable project. Today it is simply impossible to engage in fraud - there are many sites that specialize in monitoring different bookmakers, which detects fraud, or other dubious projects. 

Variation of sports betting

If a bookmaker offers its own bettors a wide variety of bets, this is a good sign. For example, you can download Mostbet yüklə and enjoy a diverse selection of sporting events. Note that most betting companies are simpler and offer only the most popular matches. The important thing here is to find a betting office which offers different leagues, including youth leagues. First of all, in these leagues it is a lot easier and simpler to find a result. For instance, many experienced punters only place their own bets on these matches, as it is easier to find the advantage of a certain team, and there are a lot of goals too. 

The classic types of bets are available: total, outcome, half-time outcome, etc. A good bookmaker, which is planning a long term betting strategy, tries to offer a wide catalogue of bets for the gamer, such as the number of red or yellow cards, goals from a certain player, sending off, injuries or penalties. This gives a great opportunity to develop your own strategy. 

Some bookmakers allow the bettor to determine the outcome of other events, such as elections or world song contests, in addition to sports betting. This also means the bookmaker is actually trying to organise favourable conditions for his bettor. 

The odds 

If the bookie sets the margin at around 10%, it is a bad sign. A good betting odds for today is 4%. It should be noted that as a result of various features and risks, this percentage rises to around 10%, but only in LIVE mode. Therefore, try to find out the percentage of current margin beforehand, which will help you know the reliability and honesty of the office. 

Financial nuances

It is important for a bettor to feel comfortable depositing and, of course, withdrawing money. It is recommended to study the bookmaker's financial transaction methods. It is better to go to the website of the bookmaker and not to trust the reviews about the bookmaker - often the information is already outdated (some method of withdrawal or deposit is not available) or not detailed (only some options are mentioned). 

You should also read the taxation policy, so you won't be surprised if some part of the prize is withheld. 

Bonuses and promotions

It is worth paying your attention to the wagering conditions of the bonus, this is not unimportant. After all, sometimes the bookmaker sets unrealistic requirements for execution. For example offer you 200% bonus on wagering X5. In that case you would need to wagering your deposit, and besides the bonus itself 5 times, of course, it is very difficult to do. Often bookmakers set the mandatory odds of 1.8. As a result they will only count your bets if you select a higher odds than that. An experienced bettor may be able to cope, provided he has his own strategies and knows how to predict the outcome of the match. Nevertheless, if you are inexperienced, you might find it easier to refuse the bonus, otherwise you will lose your money, and fast.